About me
I have worked across Europe at startups and midsize companies focusing on every dimensions of user experience.

Now based in Barcelona, I would love to learn about your challenges and help craft solutions that carefully address user and business needs. I am fascinated by creating flawless products that provides a smooth, efficient experience with simplicity and intuitiveness at their core.

My background in operations, customer experience and sales allows me to empathise with customers, focus on business needs and work in a
collaborative environment with multicultural teams.
Bonus 10 
1.  Lived in 5 countries and speak 5 languages
2.  Latest book I read: Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon
3.  I love making presentations
4.  Passionate about dancing and nature
5.  Always willing to connect deeply with people and listen to their needs
6.  Big team player, I strive in collaborative environments​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
7.  Favourite Figma plugins: Contrast, Icons8, Photos
8.  I am a certified Community Interpreter
9.  Yes, I love that Stanford raincoat and everything red as it represents passion
10. I would like to share more with you over a cup of tea
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